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Psychic Development Workshops
Psychic Development Workshops

Natasha holds psychic development workshops in the following way:

1. Psychic Development Package - Natasha will send you a package which contains the following:

· A lovely colourful folder to keep your notes and workbook.
· A helpful and interesting 16 lesson course on spiritual growth and psychic development that is printed out for you – which has plenty of exercises, meditations and creative projects through out the course.
· A psychic journal
· A dreams journal
· A prayer book
· A homework book
· A meditation CD
· A FAQ print out – all your questions and answers on psychic development, spiritual growth, the paranormal and supernatural
· A pencil case filled with colours and pens
· 2x free In-Depth Spirit Guide reading gift vouchers and 2 x handmade 3D greeting cards

2. 21 Week Psychic Development Workshop through Skype

3. 21 Week personal one to one development courses

4. 21 Week group workshops
Natasha also provides a wide variety of affordable readings through her website Psychic Friends and in person. Please visit Psychic Friends http:/// or e-mail Natasha at  or you can contact her on 07939868627 if you would like to order a reading.
Types of Readings Natasha Performs

Private Sittings - Psychometry £7.50
1 Question Reading £1.80
1-3 Question Reading £4.99
One to One healing sessions through Skype £6.50 per session
1-6 Question Reading £7.99
1-10 Question Reading £9.99
Wishes and Desires Reading £9.99
Searching for love Reading £9.99
Past Life Reading £9.99
Photo Reading £9.99
Fairy Reading £11.99
Angel Therapy Reading £11.99
Archangel Readings £11.99
Spirit Guide Readings £11.99
True Love Reading £11.99
Relationship Healing Reading £11.99
Couples Reading £11.99
Spiritual Path Reading £11.99
Career Path Reading £11.99
In-depth Spirit Guide Reading £11.99
In-depth Angel Reading £14.99
Home Life & You: Feng Shui Reading £14.99
Self Healing Reading £14.99
Mediumship Reading £14.99
30 Minute In-depth Reading through Skype £14.99
In-depth Horoscope Reading £19.99
Numerology Monthly Forecasts Reading £24.99
In-depth 12 Month Reading £24.99
Psychic Development Course Package £54.98
16 Week Psychic Development Course through Skype £5.00 per week or one off payment of £80.00

Mediumship Nights & Psychic Reading Parties...

Mediumship Nights
£3.00 per person attending the night. The host will go free and also recieve a free gift for holding the Mediumship Night at their house. Natasha will offer private sitting to those interested after the mediumship work has been done.

Psychic Reading Parties
£7.50 for private sittings and the host of the Psychic Reading Party will have a free reading. The host will also recieve a free gift for holding the party

TESTIMONIALS : Please look below in the comments area here at my profile to read my client testimonials...
If you would like for Natasha to perform a reading for you, then please feel free to visit the below link to view her webstore. Many Thanks x

Hi Tasha, I can't thank you enough for all the kind words and the beautiful reading. It made me very emotional. The poem is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with me. And the lessons are so wonderful, thank you. I will certainly do them, they seem so accurate to my situation at the moment.... I can't thank you enough for everything you put into the was so thoughtful and comforting. I will certainly come to you again when I need help. Take care and very best wishes, Sarah x x x
Sarah, Testimonial

A lovely reading from a lovely lady thank you

Received with thanks fast delivery 5***** from me - very happy customer

Absolutely beautiful, positive reading! Lovely person, couldn't be more thankful

tasha is truely gifted, she gave me a wonderful reading giving me hope, and im hoping to learn from her.
jenny wheatcroft

Excellent , Thanks . very thorough reading with much relevance x

Brilliant. for such a low price what a fantastic reading. thank you so much
Testimonial reading was spot on and now you did a reading on my husband and we are both blown away. We are so amazed at how accurate you are:) Thank you so much Tasha, blessings from both of us. xxx

Fantastic! thats what its all about. You are extremely good at your job! xXxXx


Tasha, Wow! Your work is really good. Thank you for your insights! Tiffany Tiffany

Natasha, Many blessings to you and thank you for all the help and support i have been receiving from you since we connected some twelve months ago. I have gained tremendously from your readings and teachings. You put yourself out there or me and i can see that in the readings that you have done for me and the advice you so rightly give. In my wonderful path, though challenging at times, i have always turned to you and YOU HAVE NEVER FAILED ME. You have never told me what i wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear and like you said, it will be slow, but it will certainly come to pass. I am seeing things now. Your predictions are coming to pass, and yes, there is improvement in all aspects of my life. My life purpose is one which i am beginning to accomplish well and there is clarity again, thanks to you. I have been schooled by your generosity and kindness that i wish i met you earlier. It is a exciting time again. Thank you for everything. God bless you and your family. Daniel.

Good reading, very helpful

Hi Tasha, thank you so much for the reading, wow, you were spot on!! xx

Hi Natasha!!! I just wanna thank you again for everything and also remind you how much I appreciated everything you've done for me!!! Oxoxox

Thanks Tasha i'll,definately follows the advise,all the best,a1 reading.

Thank you natasha for the wonderful 3 question reading. As you can probably tell I don't have alot of patience, but, I will listen to the angels and take their advice. I'm was happy to read that Albert and I knew each other in past lives and as I always had that gut feeling. Thanks again, DAWN

Wow. Don't know what to say. Such a fantastic and thorough reading. Thank you!!

Very impressive!

thankyou so much for my reading lots of love to you and your family xxx

Thanks for a wonderful reading Trish, you have a great gift. Take care and God bless. Del

thank you :) for today :) I set u a little test, and u passed :) 2 out of 4 four words from the special weird message I received on my own :) I will be back :) xxx

Gd comm. Lovely lady. Can relate to the reading. Thanks!

Thank you Tasha, an excellent reading and one I will think on for some time yet. A good reading clear and understandable, will buy again.


Lovely reading. Thanks for your help.

☆♥*''*?.☆ Highly Gifted! ★♥*¨¨*:?Many thanks☆♥*''*?.☆ Highly Recommend!!♥*''☆ Very insightful, in depth & accurate. Wonderful lady & reading =) Thank you xxx

Wonderful readng, wonderful caring lady-fabulous- thanks and god bless always x

Hello Tasha thank you so much for doing this for me. I really appreciate your help and your insight. I am still saying the prayer that you sent me and trying to stay optimistic. thank you again for your kindness and reassurance very best wishes, Amanda

Tasha, Thank you so very much for a lovely reading. Time to search within for the answers, they've been with me all along(along with my angels,guides,spirits and of course the Lord). Onwards and upwards as they say. I am eternally grateful to people like yourself who have helped so much to move me forward into a much better place (along with those surrounding me). Thank you so very much once more and God bless you always x Kam

Hello, Your reading has made me so happy :0) I am thrilled that the reading was affordable - it was really reasonably priced!!....which was perfect for me. You have given such an in depth reading I am so pleased. Lots of information for me to re-read over next couple of days. I love the exercise you've included at the end of the email too, thank you so much. Will def try that!! Thank you again. I am def going to keep checking on your Internet & will keep you in my contacts for further readings. Thank you. xxx Charlene

Lovely reading & very prompt service thank you

Lovely caring lady, many thanks indeed. very happy

First of all I wanna thank you so much for all your help, all of your readings make me believe, they make me believe in something good that may come along the way! Just like I said before I'm gonna experience through good and not so easy situations in my life but there's a brighter light at the end of my journey! I may ask for your help and part of me tells me that you are like an Angel that is here on earth to restore and fix situations! In my case you're guiding me thru my life! I want to be able to learn how to help and heal to others and if you can help me with this will be truly appreciated! I wanna be able to open up myself and learn the divine and much more to heal people! I hope to keep in touch with you and Thanks for all your wonderful readings. Have a wonderful week and I'll be posting and talking to you soon! Jorge

Natasha is a spirit of consistent love and positive energy! Very conscientious of what she puts out to the world, it's always PERFECT!
Leanne Cameron-Fraser

A very nice reading from a very nice and helpful lady. Many thanks.

Dear Tasha, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my reading. It's as if you know me, particularly with the part about headaches and my feelings about work. You're exactly right, I want to help people but don't feel that my current job allows me to do that. The message from a fatherly figure brought tears to my eyes too, I'm sure it's my dad. Thank you so much. I hope you're right about meeting that special someone, I'll have my fingers crossed for better things to come. Love, Elizabeth.

I can't believe it the things Natasha predicted in 2009 have just come to PASS NOW: red car, he got a red car, taurus man, he is taurus, strong hands, he got strong hands, tall, he is tall, love, don't know yet..., will go to place with lots of horses, we went to place with lots of horse never would have imagined it..., strong on the outside, gentle inside, totally right. Red car...he got a red car....the only things which did not yet happen: gold ring in a white envelope and yellow roses...and 10 million dollar contract ....SHE EVEN GUESSED HIS NAME HIS NAme and it is foreign not english.......I AM IN AWE....IT IS CRAZY UNBELIEVABLE BUT IT IS TRUE...she WAS OFF BY TWO YEARS....AND I THOUGHT SHE WAS CRAZY WHEN SHE WAS SPITTING OUT ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID.... Billy from South Africa
William Derek Davies

A kind hearted lady with style grace and is very loyal
Annielise Stone

NATASHA, Thanks a million for the readings. I am soo grateful that, again you have shared your wonderful gift with me. I relate to everything you said as i have been seeing some signs. I appreciate you and your gift and i thank you for your fast delivery too. I just have one thing though, its are soo underpriced that i wonder if this is ok for you. You can charge more. All your readings are soo authentic and detailed that one wonders if you are cared for, too. Thank you my dear and bless you. Daniel.

Hi Natasha, Many thanks for your reading. I am quite surprised with the answers. I will wait and see what happens. Many thanks, kind regards naureen Naureen

Hi Tasha, Thank you so much for sending the reading. It was actually very comprehensive!! :) Once again thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. :)

100% genuine and professional. lovely lady..blessings to you xxx 10 stars

Many thanks for the wonderful reading. Blessings

Amazing reading, thank you so much for your guidance.

Natasha is a consummate professional and incredibly accurate psychic reader. Her gifts and talents are extrodinary. She is an inspiration.
Jennifer Knibloe

Natasha is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration
Madeleine Bianchi

Natasha always has a positive attitude. Brings a refreshing energy to any situation.
Sarinah Porter

Natasha is a person who cares genuinely for the person she reads psychically for, such warmth and care can even be felt while reading her writings! She is honest and down-to-earth, her prices are affordable and bonus is that she's 99% accurate with the readings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to you.
Serena Thomas

Natasha has just given me the most fantastic, insightful and encouraging Numerology reading. I would highly recommend one for anybody. Natasha herself has been delightful to correspond with, she is kind, warm and extremely helpful. Thank you Natasha x

Hi Tasha - you're 99% accurate with the readings you've done for me, you're a person who cares genuinely for the person you're reading for, the warmth is felt while reading your writings. My spirit guides tend to reach out to you when I'm not listening :) I'd say we're both on similar wavelengths and I'm honoured to be connected to you on here. If and when I have a question that concerns me, I'll most definitely come straight to you. Thanks for using your gifts in this way. Serena Thomas

Sherelle Coy
free fairy reading

Natasha is an example of true leadership in action; not seeking merely gain followers, but also working hard to cultivate other leaders
Tammy C Hoggan Milonas

Natasha has a track record for success, as well as a bright future
Jayne Swan

Natasha is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration
Madeleine Bianchi

Natasha is the type of person you can always count on. Strong work ethic. Solid values.
Glynis Mackenzie

Hi Tasha thank you for the photo readings you have done for us they were accurate and helpful a great comfort for us when we were going through a anxious time.I would highly recommended her. Kim Hosken
kim hosken
very pleased

Natasha is true and honest and gives you the straight forward and honest info we all deserve! Very respectful and kind!
Suzanne Grace

Hi Natasha, I have gotten past readings from you and they have been very good. I want to thank you for the little prayer you gave me last time and I must tell you it has helped open up my awareness and I have seen a few things. I started meditating and chakra clearing as well which has also helped. I didn?t expect all of this to make my everyday quality of life better but I feel like it has. I will keep working at it, but thanks for helping me into the right direction. Thank you, Anita Knox

Natasha is someone you can always trust. Great values, gets the job done, highly recommended!
Angels Heal

Hi Natasha, Thanks a lot for a wonderful reading. I am so happy i got a lot of answers to a lot of questions . I am ok then, i am not going mad. Ha ha ha. I thank you. you were 100 percent accurate and even more so, you blended numbers, astro and messages which carries the most reliable confirmation that anyone can get. I know you are right because i know my experiences and i am encouraging to to keep up for i believe you are doing a great job. Many thanks for everything. Love and light, Daniel. Daniel

Had many wonderful readings from Natasha..Always spot on i would highly recommend a reading with Natasha when guidance is most needed X X
Lee Argent

Wonderfully gifted lady,Tasha has great talent xxx
Debbie Fisher

tasha is an amazing person with a special talent
Jamet Thomas

Psychic-tasha is very smart, driven, and knows social media inside out. Great energy to be around.
Danielle Miles

Psychic-tasha is a born leader who can inspire people to rally behind a cause and really make a difference.
Brett Bradford

Hi Tashy! Thank you very much my dear Friend! The reading is exactly what I expected it to be! The message from Archangel Zadkiel has left me in absolute AWE!!! It hit a cord within me, that I thought was buried so deep, that no-one would know!! But then again, they are not anyone hey??? You are so good to me, I dont even know how to begin thanking you. Hugs. ♥

Thank you ever so much for doing the photo reading - I'd have to say I'm astonished with your accuracy - I'd say you're 100% accurate. What you're doing is very inspirational Natasha, And lastly, you responded so fast. Sara

Tasha is a lovely caring person. She puts alot of hard work in what she has done. I have had readings with Tasha, and she was fantastic. I reccommend anyone who would like a reading to contact her, she is brill.

Thank you Tasha for helping me realize a lot about my self, and I hope I can work on developing my gift coz I would really love so much to help people because I?ve been there and I understand...God Bless you and thank you for being my

It is such a relief to find somewhere to help me, I've been looking for development circle or teacher for years, they either full, doesn't fit in with my commitments, to expensive etc etc. I have been trying to make sense of things threw self teaching and books but not at all confident so I shut off most of the time. I am so happy that i can do some down to earth, easily explained lessons now, and keeping a journal is the best idea ever. I have never read before to meet my own spirit, which is going to be interesting, I'd already worked out that there is 2 of us our brain and our soul but never the thought of meeting me:] Thank you for giving me hope x Love Light and Rainbows Jaqui

"Tasha is a wonderful person, with a truly amazing Spiritual gift. She has a very positive and helpful outlook and always makes me smile." Emma Treadwell

"Psychic-tasha is extremely responsible. Trustworthy in almost any circumstance. " Mike Casperson

Psychic-tasha has a unique ability to communicate with spirit? Lyn

Tasha is a lovely caring person. She puts alot of hard work in what she has done. I have had readings with Tasha, and she was fantastic. I reccommend anyone who would like a reading to contact her, she is brill.
Medium Sarah

100% genuine and professional. Lovely lady..blessings to you xxx 10 stars. You are a angel tasha and i agree with everything you said. You are very perceptive and 100% accurate.
Joe's Testimonial

in 2011 light is animals small and nature, lakes and love ; flowing uplifting , the sea is calling me im going for 3 wks, it is the limitless light at the seaside, and the peace isnt peace the hardest to find in 2011
Jeffery Clifford Bawden Bawden

''Id recommend Tasha to anyone,her reading was wow! and she was really accurate,even picking up on my innermost thoughts and dreams.thankyou for helping me re-gain the hope i needed when i needed it most" :) xxxx

Natasha done a reading for me and i was completely wowed at what she ws saying,i she was accurate with what she picked up and now im more hopeful than ever just when i needed it.thankyou so much Tasha,would recommend to anyone :)
Chelle McGregor Stafford
A very happy client

Hi Natasha, Thank you so much for giving my reading request such special attention that i begin to break down just a bit since i've been teary-eyed a bit this week over this matter. Your insight gives me better understanding as to what is happing through these dreams of mines that continues even today and i will begin a journal as well. Thank you for everything and i will keep closer in touch with you. Love and Light, Pat

I sent Natasha 3 photos for a reading. She read each photo individually and then incorporated each photo reading into my life. When I received the reading via email, I was amazed at the accuracy Natasha had given me about myself and two other important people in my life. She is reasonably priced, extremely accurate and answered my questions in a timely manner. She is fabulous, one of best Psychic's I've encountered yet and would use her again for a reading and any questions I had in the future. I love you, Natasha! You are truly gifted and blessed! Love and LIght, Andrea, Chicago, Illinois USA Andrea

hi Natasha i have just picked up your reading and i want to give you such a big hug , it was very like me with my love of colour animals and nature , but the part i really want to hug you for is about my cat , last year i had two loverly cats , then i took on my daughters cat as is is a real grump and kept fighting with my grandaughter who was about 18 months old . he arrived and Gucci left , i have been so worried for her we had such a cold winter but my son has seen her around as have i but she does not come close anymore so i am so happy to hear she is safe and loved once more thanks also thank you for your feed back on my reading glad you found it helpful. Hope

Natasha, performed an accurate and helpful reading for me. She is a gifted and caring person who uses her psychic gift to help others. She picked up on my emotional state of mind. She also picked up on my wedding anniversary that is coming soon. She gave me the guidance that I desperately needed to hear. I am truly grateful for your help and advice. I would highly recommend Natasha. Thankyou Natasha love and light xx Amythest Angel
Amythest Angel

Natasha performed an email reading for me at a very troubled and emotional time of my life. The layout of the reading is very interesting and easy to understand. I believe Natasha has exceptional gifts as she has no way of knowing that the majority of her reading was spot on. I did not get involved with the reading by asking questions, Natasha just used her intuition and psychic abilities to produce an accurate reading for me that has made me understand more of what is happening in my life and what I must try to do. Nataha has given me a lot of kind advice and I certainly feel more at peace since receiving the reading. Thank you so much Natasha, you are an incredible person and so full of love and care. Tricia

I had a photo reading, which i am very pleased with as Natasha told me many things which are very true, and 2 thingsthat quite amazed me, i would reccommend her to all my friends as she has a very special gift, many thanks Dawn x

Natasha recently did a reading for me and I was so amazed and surprised at what information came through. Natasha correctly picked up on names of my relatives, my spirit guide as well as my emotions at the time of the reading and Natasha told me that I would be proposed too; she was right. There was so much information that Natasha brought through and I could relate to every bit of what was said. Natasha is a very special person and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a genuine, helpful and accurate reading. Natasha is a very gifted lady and always goes above and beyond expectations. Deanna Mellor x
Deanna Mellor

I had a photo reading performed by Natasha. In the reading she mentioned about certain things in my life that only I could have known about ? truly amazing! Other things mentioned made me take stock of my current life and what?s gone on before. I found the results of the reading both comforting and inspirational. I will definitely be using Natasha again. I think we all have the ability somewhere in ourselves to connect to the other side, but some of us are much more connected than others!! ? Thanks Tash! Nikki xx

I had a reading from natasha .She is calm gentle and kind person i had no doubts at all about asking natasha to do this for me and have recommended her to friends. Natasha's reading was very good as she couldn't tell if it was past present or future i could easily rule out which had already taken part in my life.Just this week i have found another 2 things she had said in her reading has just happened.I have asked natasha to do me another reading as she has been spot on from the last reading. Thank you so much tash as i am now getting my life sorted alot more thanks to you xxx sue f
Sue F

"Natasha's readings are kind, direct and insightful. She seems very accurate and has also confirmed some things for me that I had been suspecting. And her advice just feels right! Thanks, Natasha!" ~ Gina, USA

"I was very happy with my reading and would definitely want Natashato read for me again when I feel like I need more life guidance. have to admit, I wasn't expecting to find getting my reading such an emotional experience. I asked Natasha a very open ended question as I felt like I was at a transitional pointin my life and I was interested to hear what she saw in my future.She very clearly picked up on the things that are the big issues for me at the momentand I was reassured by what she had to say. She also got my personality spot on, and made a few suggestions that I wasn't expecting! All in all, it was very interesting, helpful and has made me feel more positive about the future." ~ Claire E
Claire E

"I turned to Natasha after my daughter called upon her. It is one thing to be open-minded to the possibilities of what exists around us, but it is truly jaw-dropping and inspiring to embrace such a psychic ability. The unseen is not beyond one's reach with help from Natasha. "Seeing" is believing." ~ Steven Basoco Steven Basoco

Natasha Chamberlin is all that she professes to be. I received a clear, detailed, and specific reading from Natasha. She knew---from my photo---the deepests desires of my heart (no one to date has been able to do that socompletely.) So very affirming. Also I was able to ask some specific questions and she answered each one with concrete information ... info that I can wrap my head around and carry with me on my journey in life.I heartily recommend Natasha's services. Sincerely, Jan Olander
Jan Olander

Reading.....thanks Natasha As I replied last night briefly, reading has been received. Thank you. I have an understanding of how a reading is received by a gifted person, so I am interpreting what was my direct question #2. I do not see a direct response from you, Natasha, regarding a windfall of finances. However, it is my interpretation from your reading that no windfall is to be expected, but that my business will see a pickup of income in the near future, and that pickup or increase will provide the needs for me and my family. I also understand a connection to your mention of brake fluid and the warning referencing it. I will be acting on that today. God bless and rest assured that I will be reaching out to you in the future. Have a blessed and safe week. Steven

You were completely correct when you mentioned that I could read into people from their face. I can do that, and do it a lot for myself and some friends. I always attributing that ability to a kind of 'emotional intelligence'.In any way, I don't know how you could understand it from my photo. I also have quite a lot of vivid dreams. Sometimes they are very clear as if it is reality. Your photo reading is amazing. I hope your answers to my questions, and also your predictions about the future, similar to your photo reading, will become true. You have said many good things! Lots of doors and opportunities! I'm greatly looking forward to them! ;-) Take care, Sami You are very gifted Natasha, and have a strong believe in God.
Sami's Testimonial Continued.....

Dear Natasha, This is just a quick note to tell you that your photo reading was excellent. I said maybe you are interested to know. The people names or red car didn't make sense to me but most of the other things you read through my photo are almost correct.I'm not a doctor (physician), but am getting my PhD soon. The things you said about my father is correct. He has not passed away physically but we haven't seen him for years. In some sense he is passed away for us. I also had a lot of responsibility when I was younger. And exactly those things made me be what I am now. I always mention that. That's very interesting that you could see these things through the picture.I am not married, and have not married before, but am in a deep committed relationship with a beautiful lady.I don't want to go into the detail of every sentence now. But the thing you also mentioned about my mum, as well as the elderly man in spirit was quite correct. I also had a difficult time growing up.

"I am actually lost for words and very stunned by the information you sent in this reading!" ~ Anna Sturdey
Anna Sturdey

She is one of those psychics who needs to be left to flow and speak freely without any prodding. She will be sure to pick up on your situationif you let her speak, sit back and relax and just let her do her work.I really enjoyed my reading with her. She is honest, has a beautiful spirit and definitelymade me feel more at ease with my hard life situations. I definitely suggest her to anyone.She confirmed my own gut feeling about many issues. ~ Karen, Australia
Karen's Testimonial Continued....

I really liked Natasha very much. She works best if you do not ask questions (phone psychic reading) and let her go with the flow so to speak or follow what she picks up. She said a lot of things which seemed real odd to me as she sees pictures and relates these as future or past events....odd until she hit on the name of the man I love without me telling her. That really freaked me out. It is a complex name for her to pronounce being foreign and yet she said it. She thought it was a street name at firstbut then I realized straight away what she meant. That proved to me she is no fake psychic like many out there. She also picked up on a long trip I am going to be going on soon. She picked up on my state of mind and worries and on a contract coming in soon. I thought she was off only on a couple of things but that was because I asked her questions instead of letting her follow her visions.

"Hi-everyone - I was just thinking about Natasha-the details of the reading were beyond amazing! Everything I thought, she just had in her reading.Have a collection of ghost photos, I just can't speak with so so so many people who see churches and holy places going back centuries at least. Now many people are hoping to know more,about the wonderful gift of seeing a spirit picture for real. She put so much work into her reading - One name (out of 10) was off buy one letter - she got savio-found out the people in the house one hundred years ago, are lorio. No one knew this not even me and I lived there. The sound avio was what I needed to find the family, she told me something was hidden in the house, When my friend died his relatives came and ripped through the place. There was a large sum of money in the house - I never knew. And the spirits that are there loved being known at last in a deeper way. I was very at peace after. I would truly like to thank you.For your
Keith Allen

"I want to thank you for your lovely reading.I needed some good news....Your answers were what I was waiting for a while now. I can't wait to see those beautiful coloured leaves at my feet on my wedding day. Thank you!" ~ Camelia Avram UK
Camelia Avram

That is so interesting.You have got my personality spot on!" ~ Donna Hunt Donna Hunt

"Firstly your description of me iscorrect. I have to say you are 98 percent accurate Natasha." ~ Mary Misselbrook
Mary Misselbrook

"Thanks so much for the reading, it seems to be very accurate." ~ Candida Holston
Candida Holston

"Oh my word! I really don't know what to say.hehe It's scary but the same time amazing/interesting.Wow that's sooo cool." ~ Charlene Renken
Charlene Renken

"Tash, I can't believe how accurate this reading was. Wow you're good!!!!" ~ Celia

"There are a lot of things in your reading that really brightened my day and some of those things I really needed to hear from someone. Thankyou for your time and encouragement,it means a lot." ~ Ariana

"Oh my God! My jaw just dropped to the floor lol - Thank you sooo much!" ~ Alyssa

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