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A Few Popular Free Magic Spells

Since it is mostly Free Magic Spells for love that people search for in the internet, here are a few simple and elaborate Free Magic Spells for love, romance, passion and lust or fidelity that you may find useful. All of them are 100% free of cost and are extremely effective, forceful and powerful to boot as long as they are performed with heartfelt desire and sincerity and genuineness of feelings.

Free Magic Spells - Celtic marriage spell

You have to first find out 9 pea pods. Then you have to place them over the door of your kitchen on the lintel. This way you can attract your future husband to your home. There is also another edition of this spell that is favored by Venus and which involves the use of a branch of myrtle. You can nail a branch of myrtle on your door towards a top to attract a husband to your doors. Ads by Google

Free Magic Spells

This magic spell will induce a man to marry you. Take a lily and hollow out its root. Now fill the roots with lamp oil. You have to prepare a cotton wad wick. Now soak the wick thoroughly in a man's semen. Every evening at 9 o' clock you have to light this semen soaked wick for 1 whole hour. It won't be long before your man surrenders to the power of this spell and agrees to marry you.

There is a Celtic variation of this spell as well. When you can't get hold of your lover's semen, you have to use your own vaginal fluid. On midsummer's eve, you have to source and gather Adam and eve root. Grind it to powder by a red candle's light. Now take some fine sand or witch's sugar and mix it with the powder. Prick your ring finger, on the left hand and collect a few drops of blood.

Sprinkle those blood drops on the mixture. Then you have to write down your name on the sand. Whenever you get the chance, you can sprinkle a bit of the sand on top of your lover's hair. The rest of the sand you have to save. This saved up portion can prove to be useful later on. This will make your beloved marry you.

Free Magic Spells - broken mirror spell

This spell is easy but requires you to prick your finger. First of all, you have to take a hand mirror and catch your lover's image in that mirror. Then you have to smash that mirror. Collect a sharp shard and sterilize it in antiseptic liquid. Now prick your finger with the shard and let the shards get stained with the blood drops from your finger. Collect all the broken pieces of glass and bury the pieces together in the earth (in your garden or in a flowerpot).
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